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Newsletter Video, June 2022

June Monthly Resources

Below you’ll find the stretches that we referenced in the video above as well as hold times, the number of times to repeat them, and how often you should do them each week.

Disclaimer: Before you try these or any other exercises, consult with your physical therapist or physician first.

Flexion Active Assisted ROM with Stick in Supine

  1. Lie on back and grasp stick in front of body
  2. Slowly raise extended arms overhead until a comfortable stretch is felt
    • Hold Time: 10 seconds
    • Repeat 5 Times
    • Perform this Stretch Every Other Day

External Rotation Bilateral with Stick in Supine

  1. Lie on back and hold stick in front of body, elbows bent to 90 degrees
  2. Keeping elbows bent, slowly move hands toward toward floor bringing stick toward your head
    • Hold Time: 10 seconds
    • Repeat 5 Times
    • Perform this Stretch Every Other Day

Internal Rotation behind Back with Stick

  1. Stand holding stick horizontally behind back
  2. Slide stick up your back until a stretch is felt in shoulder
    • Hold Time: 10 seconds
    • Repeat 5 Times
    • Perform this Stretch Every Other Day

How to Guard Against Germs While Swimming

  1. Shower before and after swimming.
  2. Try not to swallow the water.
  3. Never go to the bathroom in the water. Take kids for bathroom breaks and check diapers every hour. Change diapers away from the water.
  4. Stay out of the water if you’ve had diarrhea recently to help protect others from infectious germs.
  5. Always wash your hands before you eat or drink after playing in recreational waters or in the sand.
  6. Cover open wounds with waterproof bandages.
  7. Don’t swim in water that looks murky or has an odor.
  8. Stay out of the ocean for at least 24 hours after a storm. Avoid places where storm water is released on the beach.
  9. Check for warning signs posted around the area. Ask lifeguards about the water conditions.
  10. Check local alert systems. Visit the EPA’s website for information on specific U.S. beaches.

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