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"Such a pleasure to go to therapy. With a friendly staff. Relaxed atmosphere. "
Oct 14, 2021
"I would recommend Dr Avila without hesitation. From the moment I first walked into the office to every visit after during my physical therapy sessions, Dr Avila and his staff made you very welcome and showed tremendous professionalism and courtesy to all clients and to each other staff member. My injury prevented me from returning to work. After an initial sit down with Dr Avila, he prepared a regiment of sessions that got my shoulder mobility and movement back where it needed to be in the shortest amount of time. Everything was explained in full details from the root of the issue (symptoms) to the plan on how to address and regain the mobility needed in order to function on a daily basis without the aches and pains. All staff members were very knowledgeable and monitored the progress of each client very well. Walking into the office the receptionist greets you with warm and inviting feeling . The office is very family oriented and friendly. I climb Wind Turbines for a living and use my entire body to climb, Going thru physical therapy allowed the full range of my shoulder back to me so I may return to work. I am forever grateful to Dr Avila and staff for get me back to work in a timely manner. "
Feb 27, 2020
"My daughter and myself both went to physical therapy and are glad with the results and the way therapists treated us. They were always very professional , caring and made the time at the clinic enjoyable. Thank you very much!!"
Jul 15, 2019
"Avila Physical Therapy Staff, I want you to know that I was very pleased with the service I was provided with at your facility. The moment I set foot into the facility, I was greeted with a beautiful smile and welcomed by Ms. Valerie, the young lady in the front desk. The warm welcome continued as I entered to get my evaluation with Dr. Anthony Avila and and Dr. Guile Rivera, two professionals that took the time to examine and evaluate my condition. They patiently explained, discussed, and answered every question I had thoroughly. As I continued with my therapy, I had the pleasure of meeting wonderful therapists that continued with the same WARM welcome. Denise, Zak, and Liz assisted me with my physical therapy, and the service continued to be excellent. They ALL gave me that warm, personal attention that every patient deserves to have. I have recommended your facility to family members and friends, and will continue because of my satisfaction with your service. Thank you for your excellent service!! "
Jan 16, 2019
"I tore my rotator cuff and my doctor referred me to Avila PT. I was skeptical at first because I had never done physical therapy before. From the moment I walked into the door and I was greeted by the friendly staff and Dr. Avila. Everyone is passionate about what they are doing and they take a personal interest in each client. They have helped me get my shoulder strength back and get ready for an upcoming CrossFit competition. I would definitely recommend Avila PT. "
Oct 10, 2018
"Very pleasant, courteous staff. Dr. Avila is very caring and works wonders. They are very knowledgeable and experienced. I highly recommend them."
Sep 19, 2018
Apr 13, 2018


“There is so much I have to say about Anthony and Avila Physical therapy. I was in extreme pain when I came here. A ten doesn’t even begin to describe it. I couldn’t bend, sitting was painful, and to even turn over in bed was unbearable. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life experiencing that. I had been to two chiropractors and I experienced pain after visiting both. When I asked my physician Dr. Carmichael about PT he sent me to Avila. Not only can I now bend over, walk, sit comfortable, even do housework, I feel as if I experienced a miracle.

I have told Anthony he saved my life. Indeed, I have a new life to live now. I am grateful and while I feel a slight discomfort, rarely in my back, I know what to do now to relieve it. Exercise movement never giving up. Pain level everyday now is a zero.

Thanks to Anthony Avila and his staff!”

– DM

“I am very happy that I chose Avila Physical Therapy! Before my knee surgery, and immediately following, I was having trouble putting on my shoes and socks; I was not able to stand for more than a few seconds, much less walk around the room without a walker or a cane. I am much more active and have started doing my own shopping.

Thank you for all the help you have given me. You have a wonderful staff. Keep up the good work!”

– AS

“I started PT for my hip two weeks after surgery. I had stopped using a walker at one week after surgery, but was still a little unsteady. After the first week of therapy, I had gained stability, and my balance and strength had improved significantly. As I continued therapy, I gained strength and flexibility. Although I am still maintaining posterior precautions, I am now able to perform daily tasks with little difficulty. On a recent vacation, I did some hiking and climbing, sloping hills with no physical repercussions.

I am totally amazed at my improvement since surgery and feel 100% better than before surgery. Dr. Avila and the staff at Avila are very professional and helpful, and I have recommended them to family and friends.”

– MO

“Starting off with PT was at first a little scary because I was scared to do anything on ankle thinking that it would hurt. My first session here I took the boot off for the first time, I was very worried that it hurt but it never did. The next couple sessions I started walking but I could tell I was walking funny.

Going to PT 3 times a week helped me gain trust in my ankle and also helped me gain the strength and confidence to play football again.”

– JW

“Before physical therapy, I was having pain in my right elbow which was making my throwing and pitching difficult which is obviously a big part of baseball.

After 2 months of physical therapy I am no longer experiencing pain in my right elbow and can now pitch and throw without discomfort.

Thank you Dr. Avila, Denise, Angie, and Alex for leading me towards a healthy baseball season this year and beyond!”

– JM

““Early in 2017, I really started noticing pain in my knees, moreso in my right knee. After much pleading by my wife, I went to the doctor. I was eventually referred to Avila Physical Therapy. When I started I had struggled getting up/downstairs, and chasing my toddlers around the house. After my first session I was skeptical, but the staff was extremely comforting to my needs. As time went on, I started to see the progress being made.

Now looking back to when I first started, Avila Physical Therapy was the best decision for me. I am now able to hike, jog, play basketball, crossfit at my leisure. The staff here is amazing, warm, and encouraging. Thanks for getting me back to where I need to be. Thank you.”

– LP

What a difference, Dr. Avila made…

“I was referred to Dr Avila when I was 6 mo. pregnant for pain related to scoliosis. Through my weekly treatment and education Dr. Avila provided, my pain was managed through the remainder of my pregnancy. I have felt that not only the treatment but the encouragement was so helpful during a potentially very painful season of my life. Thank you Dr Avila and staff for attending to my special needs 🙂 My beautiful daughter now has a happy pain free mommy!”

– KG

Great Experience

“I was a week and a half from leaving on a two week vacation (requiring lots of walking and flying). I had slipped and was experiencing pain in my hip and down my leg. Avila P.T. was able to “get me back in shape” in time for my trip. The receptionist, the PT assistant and Mr. Avila were always professional, personable and passionate about their services. I would highly recommend them and will request them, if I should ever need P.T. services in the future.”

– CV

Professional atmosphere and friendly, caring service

“I am in my second week at Avila Physical Therapy and am very pleased with the results i have seen. After a total knee replacement and having spent two weeks in a rehab hospital, my whole leg and knee were swollen to the point I could not bend much less stand for very long periods. My sleep was interrupted during the night due to pain, though I was on pain medication. My days were not much to speak of either. Dr. Avila runs me through a series of exercises that target the core of the problem, not the superficial. My swelling has gone down considerably, I take less pain medication than before, I am sleeping better and my appetite has returned. Though i still have a ways to go before I am at top notch condition, i trust Dr. Avila and his staff will be there to see me reach my goal.”

– JT

“I enjoyed the time I was having my therapy. I am still working out at home, I am getting better and better every day. very nice people and doing their job right! caring and making sure you do your work the right way.”

– JS

High Quality Service

“After falling and breaking a bone in my foot, I had therapy at Avila Physical Therapy. After each visit I felt much better. Besides getting exercises that addressed my injury, I was treated with respect and each time I asked a question, it was answered immediately. I appreciate having a therapist work with me. If you need therapy, you should visit Avila Physical Therapy.”

– MD